May 8, 1986 to June 7, 1986


Production. The use of will and force. Decision. The organization and preparation necessary to create a foundation. Patience. Caution. Pause. Family. Detours. Need for organization.


Opening, seeding, creation, gestation, detachment,
eccentricity, independence, fertile ground, self-germination,
a foot in both worlds, storehouse of the culture

Continued from 3 AKBAL

Moving to a house in the city, with my new friend Susan O' Shea living upstairs, brought many unexpected surprises, not the least of which was how attractive I found her to be. Consequently, I went out of my way to engage her attention and fortunately, this led to a remarkable series of co-creative projects. One of the most significant of these centered on the creation, with the Chief's blessing, of a medicine wheel on the Stoney Indian Reserve.

Dwayne Rourke at Nakoda Medicine Wheel on Stoney Indian Reserve

Photo: Susan O'Shea

Since 1976, I had been conducting an annual Earth Healing Ceremony on Mt. Yamnuska, located at the western edge of the Stoney reserve. This had usually involved a walk up the mountain during the evening, thus making it difficult for elders and children to participate. For this reason, I had sought out the guidance of Stoney Chief John Snow. I had asked him if he knew of an area we could use that would include a view of the mountain and with a glint in his eye, he directed me to a small hillside that faced not only Mt. Yamnuska, but the whole of the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. As it turned out, he had directed me to the perfect spot, not only for our ceremony but for the creation of a medicine wheel and on May 22, 1986, by the light of the Full Moon, that is exactly what Susan O'Shea, myself and several other people did.

Our Earth Healing medicine wheel has become the site for many ceremonies over the years since, including at least one wedding. It was also the site I chose for local observance of Harmonic Convergence, a global ceremony being co-ordinated worldwide by Jose' and Lloydine Arguelles. During this 4 KAN Moon cycle and in anticipation of the event more than a year away, I wrote the following poem:


Civilization advances,
Aboriginals return.
Here in the center
The spiral dance turns.
Each of us radiant,
A point of pure light,
We draw ourselves inwad
In mystic delight.
Round and round
The spiral dance grows,
All together
The net of light glows.
Crystal convergence
Of resonant bliss,
We stop on our journey,
To give God a kiss.

D.E. R.

June 1, 1986

Continued in 5 CHICCHAN