April 9, 1986 to May 8, 1986


The possibility of communication. Talks. Pleas. Requests. The written word. Stability. Having the ability of knowing what to give others. Taskmasters. Builders. Repair and maintenance teams.


Womb, abyss, house, night, stillness, dark cave, sanctuary, self-mastery, journey into self, "looks-within" place, compassion and stability, search for mental security.

Continued from 2 IK

During the Waxing Crescent ( expansion) portion of this Moon, I led the Earth Shamanism workshop I had formulated the month previous. Seven people joined me for what attendees considered to be a highly successful shamanic encounter. A single word entry in my own journal sums up my experience of the weekend: magnificent.

As this 3 AKBAL Moon waxed to its First Quarter Square phase (decisive action), my wife and I were found once again communicating fiercely with each other when a telephone call came to me from a friend I had confided our struggle to. I had intimated to her that we had decided to part company and that I would be needing to find a new place to live. Now, with this phone call, she was informing me that a rental suite right below her own had suddenly come vacant. She felt strongly that if I was interested in it, I should call the landlord right away. I did exactly that and after driving immediately into town to see the suite, I signed a rental agreement on the spot. The next day I began moving my possessions in and it was during this Moon cycle that most of my move to the city took place.

It was a move I found very emotionally challenging to undergo. My wife and I had been in relationship for more than two decades. Having been junior high school sweethearts, we had literally grown up together and to now be parting company, meant that life was going to be completely different. I was heartbroken to be letting go of the family life we had created and I was especially concerned for the welfare of our ten-year-old daughter. Repeatedly I questioned my decision and at times, I wavered. Then, unexpectedly, an experience confirmed for me that I was on the right track. Let me explain.

1518 – 11 Ave. S.W., Calgary

In every way, my move to the city had been a severe shock to my system. We had lived in a modest country home on a small acreage we affectionately called “The Rainbow Ranch.” Now I was living on the main floor of a seventy year-old rental house in a high-density neighbourhood on what the locals called “Electric Avenue, ” one of the busiest and noisiest streets in the whole of the city of Calgary. As the Full Moon approached I began to suffer great anxiety and remorse. With each passing day my condition seemed to worsen. Then, unexpectedly, in the midst of my anxiety, I had an experience of profound synchronicity that left me completely at peace with my choice. It began when I left the house to go for a walk. As I closed the front gate, my gaze rose upward to the gable of the house. To my amazement, I saw that it had a diamond-shaped decorative embellishment composed of eight rows of eight wooden circles. Excitedly scanning the other houses in the area, I realized that this was the only house that had such an embellishment, the design of which was immediately significant to me.

64 Hexagrams of the I Ching

First of all, I was aware that I was now in the third Moon cycle of The Lightning Path journey I had entered in March. This meant that number THREE, significator of movement, combined with AKBAL, symbol of integration, mystery and house! Second and even more mysterious was the fact that during my prior several months of study of the Arguelles book Earth Ascending, I had repeatedly come face-to-face with his two-dimensional diagrams of the ancient Chinese Book of Changes depicted as a square of 64 numbers. Now, right before me in three dimensions was a similar square of 64 elements crowning the very house I had moved into! So shocking was this happy convergence of symbol and artifact that my anxiety transformed instantly into elation.

1518 11 Ave. S.W. Calgary (detail)

Little did I know as I settled into this strange old house that the stage was now set for future revelations equally as profound as what had precipitated my move there in the first place. As I continued to make my way, Moon cycle by Moon cycle up to the commanding seventh Moon of my first lunar year on The Lightning Path, life became increasingly dynamic and vitalized. This period included hosting Jose' Arguelles and his wife Lloydine at 1518 11 Ave. during their Calgary presentation of a weekend workshop called Earth Ascending: Preparation for Planetary Empowerment. It took place during the 5 CHICCHAN.

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