December 12, 2004 to January 10, 2005


A major pinnacle in life. Older authority figures. Grandfather. Emperor. Leaning on strong family members. Extreme self-awareness. Contemplation. Blankness. Planting seeds. Finishing a project.


Priest, jaguar, shaman, integrity, magician, messenger, meditation, night seer, torch bearer, heart-knowing.

A New Year's Vision
by Teresa Wild and Dwayne Edward Rourke
January 3, 2005

Calendars. They give us a structure upon which to hang our past, locate our present, and anticipate our future. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Since 1986, Dwayne has been pioneering a novel lunar-based use of the tzolkin, most sacred of the Mayan Calendars. He calls this mythic adventure The Lightning Path because it resonates directly with the 84-year orbit of planet Uranus, astrological ruler of the now-dawning Age of Aquarius and long associated with both lightning and with awakening -- what using a sacred calendar is all about.

In direct alignment to the benevolent spirit of the Mesoamerican mythological figure known as Feathered Serpent/ Quetzalcoatl, the The Lightning Path uses the hieroglyphic symbols and numbers of the Mayan Calendar to both divine the nature of current events and to plan for a harmonious future. We believe that, far from signifying the end of the world, the calendar's much anticipated 2012 end-date invokes the threshold of an unprecedented era in humanity's unfolding. Assisted by Mayan symbology encoded into the sacred calendar, we envision an entirely renewed humanity beyond 2012. The Lightning Path is a step-by-step process of revelation leading to this renewal.

Never, in the 19 years Dwayne has been tracking The Lightning Path, have the symbols representing "birth" been so central to the year ahead as it is now. And when he set out to create a new calendar image to represent that upcoming lunar year beginning January 10, 2005, Dwayne had no idea that the timing of its release would be so closely associated with an event as vast and as devastating as the recent Sumatra earthquake and resulting tsunami.

So, what does The Lightning Path calendar have to say about this disaster and about how to proceed in the face of the tremendous hardship and suffering caused by it? Does The Lightning Path, which, because of its relationship to Uranus, astrological significator of all things sudden and irreversibly transformative, reveal anything that can be used in a positive way to deal with this tragedy? We think so.

According to The Lightning Path, the Sumatra earthquake occurred at the end of a lunar year wherein the hieroglyph of the 7th Moon, LAMAT, has been the primary significator for the whole year. Qualities associated with LAMAT include harmony, beneficial combinations, way show-er, and clear perspective. LAMAT is a metaphor for expanded love and peace on Earth.

Each lunar year closes with its 13th Moon and it is during this Moon that "seeds" formed during the previous 12 Moons are dispersed. The Sumatra earthquake and resulting tsunami occurred within a 13th Moon and have clearly served in the global dispersion of this year's seed via the vector of human compassion. Through the gift of worldwide telecommunications, we share a global concern now and we cannot help but be affected. Somewhere, deep within us, we are connected to these souls and, as long as they suffer, we suffer. Our compassionate response to their pain and loss opens our hearts and awakens our common humanity. By giving, we receive.

On the eve of a lunar year signified by hieroglyph IMIX (pronunciation: ee meesh'), significator of the Primordial Mother,The Lightning Path envisions the birth of a new humanity more spiritual, caring, connected and compassionate than has ever been seen before on planet Earth! In its invocation, Moon cycle by Moon cycle, of qualities of consciousness vital to that birth, The Lightning Path now calls for everyone responsive to the vision to embody harmony and unconditional love in the monumental birthing process clearly underway. An emergent humanity is now quickening within us all and, perhaps, the Sumatra earthquake is the first of what may be many contractions needed to bring it fully into this world.

May the presence of the primordial Mother within each of us empower us to reach out to one another with trust, protection and support in the many Moons ahead.


Editorial Note: This article, and the painting included in it, constitute the first result of an extended process begun by Teresa and myself on January 1, 2005. At each New Moon since, we have entered into a co-creative expression of some sort, documentation of which follows, Moon cycle by Moon cycle. (Original article here.)