November 12, 2004 to December 12, 2004


Universalism. Announcements and arrivals. The coming. Inauguration. Free spirit. Status, recognition and success. Athletics. Good sportsmanship. Anger.


Teaching, knowledge, understanding, time/space travel, angelic messenger, fluid reference points, balancing of opposites, courage and compassion, working in harmony with others, pillars of Heaven and Earth uniting.

I am writing this passage as I pass through the closing portion of The Lightning Path called The Temple of Star Harmony. It is currently the twelfth Moon of that journey and as I look forward to the thirteenth, and final sector (THIRTEEN IX), I am quickened to complete this writing task. Inspired by the guidance I have received from the first sector (ONE IK) of this temple, regarding what it will take to activate my true calling in life, I am empowered to step forth in my full presence (SEVEN LAMAT) to offer this work at this time.

Because of having traveled this path for many years now, I could go on and on with more stories about my moments of resonant attunement to The Lightning Path. Instead, I wish to summarize what it is I would have you learn from what I have shared, for it is much more important to me to have you share in this adventure through your own direct experience, than it is for me to have you listen to my exploits.

First, I would have you understand that The Lightning Path is already present in your life as a latent potential, simply by virtue of you having been born on planet Earth. In order for you to become conscious of that birthright, however, you will have to familiarize yourself with and attune yourself to, the sacred hieroglyphic language of the Tzolkin. Doing so need not be onerous and can be as simple as taking on one hieroglyph and number, each Moon cycle, as is the natural progression of The Lightning Path when related to as a perpetual lunar calendar.

Secondly, it is important for you to recognize that what you are doing is activating a hidden potential for deeper engagement with all of life. You must expect challenges to personal transformation if you are sincerely engaged in this quest. This is, after all, The Lightning Path and its astrological significator is Uranus, The Great Awakener!

Thirdly, you will find your life vitalised by meaningful synchronicities that will arise out of the details of your day-to-day living. Cultivate mindfulness in all your actions and be ready to act on what is revealed. Know that the potential for Uranian transformation is always present and can appear virtually anywhere!

As is often said in the I Ching, “perseverance furthers.” You may find that it takes quite a while for you to feel vitally connected to the actual flow of sacred energy that is The Lightning Path. It took me at least thirteen years of rigorous preparation in order for me to even see that it existed! Do not expect to necessarily have as dramatic an encounter as I have had, but do expect to have your own unique encounter, nonetheless.

Light body activation on The Lightning Path is deep inner work, that engages us gradually with an etheric chakra tree, co-existent to our physical body. That tree is universal to all humanity and represents a powerful meeting ground for the species-as-a-whole. Know that in activating your own light body, you are not alone. Rather, you are advancing the evolution of the species with every step you take. The more and more empowered you become in this, the more you are embodying and making real, the ancient Mayan adage, “In Lak’ech”, meaning “ I am another yourself.”

Finally, one should recognize that the timing of the appearance of The Lightning Path is one intimately wed to the celestial relationship between planets Saturn and Uranus, a relationship used by astrologers for centuries as a significator of revolutionary social change. The Lightning Path can be seen as a mythological context for the currently unfolding Saturn/Uranus cycle. If we are receptive to it, it can guide us along a path of peaceful, revolutionary change, in conscious attunement to harmonious cosmic cycles.