February 28, 1987 to March 29, 1987


Freshness and openness to experience. Consciousness looking for opportunity. A clear path. The phoenix rising from the ashes. Adventure. Finishing assignments.


Priest, jaguar, shaman, integrity, magician, messenger, meditation, night seer, torch bearer, heart-knowing.


The general direction of personal growth on The Lightning Path is towards a greater and greater capacity to love deeply and compassionately. This is nowhere depicted more clearly than in the The Temple of Flowers. Within this temple we are taught that light body activation is essentially a process of letting go of limiting beliefs about who and what we are as human beings. Once again, number and hieroglyph unite to sensitize us to certain key elements necessary for the activation process to occur.

As in every other temple encountered on The Lightning Path, here in The Temple of Flowers we find number ONE representing the principle of Divine Unity at work throughout all Creation. In The Temple of Flowers, ONE combines with hieroglyph IX (pronunciation eesh’), whose correlate within the animal kingdom is the jaguar, long the totem animal for shamans and shapeshifters of all kinds. Its message is one encouraging passionate self-examination and courageous leaping into one’s destiny.

In the Temple of Flowers, hieroglyph AHAU assumes the commanding seventh position and, perhaps more than in any other placement, signifies the spiritual goal of the whole of The Lightning Path: the attainment of cosmic consciousness and unconditional love. According to traditional Maya, such attainment represents a profound condition of resonance with the vibratory center of the Sun, itself considered to be a source of cosmic intelligence and information, an intermediary between the Earth and the center of the galaxy (HUNAB KU).

When we look specifically to the thirteenth hieroglyph of the temple, we find in the hieroglyph CIMI, a potent clue to the realization of this condition of resonance with the Sun. Within the traditional Tzolkin calendar, CIMI is the primary significator of death and revelation. CIMI teaches that to the extent that we are willing and able to surrender to life as it actually is, free of all illusion, to that extent will we be able to keep moving on in peace and healthy renewal. No matter how we encounter death, whether in the guise of person, idea or relationship, on the other side of our experience lays revelation, release and renewal.

In summary, the message of The Temple of Flowers is that any aspiration to the successful attainment of unconditional love and cosmic consciousness (SEVEN AHAU) must be grounded in personal integrity and self-examination (ONE IX) and will proceed smoothly to the extent that we can let go of limiting beliefs about who and what we are (THIRTEEN CIMI).


My own first encounter with The Temple of Flowers occurred between its chronological boundaries of Feb. 28, 1987 and Mar. 18, 1988. This was one of the most exciting and transformative periods of my life and it was during this time that I really began to understand that our vast, collective human experience is unfolding according to an equally vast array of collective dreams ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. I also began to see clearly that most people are unconscious of the underlying assumptions supporting the dreams they live by.

During passage through The Temple of Flowers, it became increasingly obvious and compelling to me that we have an omnipresent opportunity to plunge to the depths of our world view, if we are courageous enough to take the leap. In fact, this is a primary spiritual responsibility for anyone seeking to manifest their deepest (and common) humanity. If we return from that quest with even a small shard of truth, we will have simultaneously gained deeper entry into the mystery of our own becoming and have incrementally advanced the evolution of our species as a whole. This is what I consider to be the essential spiritual challenge posed by The Temple of Flowers.

As indicated above, the symbolic guardian at the gate to The Temple of Flowers is ONE IX. As I passed consciously through this gateway on the New Moon of February 28, 1987, I prepared myself for a leadership role in the upcoming world-wide ceremonial event known as Harmonic Convergence. I had prepared for that role well in advance and was aware from my evolving experience of The Lightning Path that the event would occur during the sixth Moon of the Temple of Flowers. What this indicated to me was that the focus of the event was centered in the 6th chakra of vision and intuition. This knowledge empowered me in my emerging role as facilitator of the Calgary area Harmonic Convergence ceremony.

I also knew that Harmonic Convergence was to occur during a CAUAC Moon cycle and hence, was to be broadly transformative. CAUAC is associated with storms, with thunderbeings and with all manner of purification and transformation, seen and unseen. As such, I saw that Harmonic Convergence could potentially have such a far-reaching and transformative effect on mass consciousness. It could serve to awaken people throughout the planet to the very real possibility of mass enlightenment -- what I now interpret the ultimate spiritual goal of the Temple of Flowers to be!

The roots of my engagement in the Harmonic Convergence ceremony began back in the early 70’s when I first encountered a book titled De-Schooling De-Conditioning. I have already introduced the portion of that book (Quotes from an Organic Revolutionary’s Handbook) but I wish to also include them here because of their resonance with what actually took place with Harmonic Convergence. In that book, Jose’ Arguelles’, initiator of Harmonic Convergence, explained that there are three kinds/levels of revolution:

1) Pure destruction: carried out by blind catabolic energies; unavoidable and inevitable.

2) "Maya mud-pies: the shifting of power from one base to another; illusory change.

3) Mystic or Organic Revolution: total mind/body transformation of seed-base extending outward.

As an unprecedented one-day event, Harmonic Convergence united thousands of self-empowered people worldwide in a symbolic act aimed at peacefully announcing the immanent return to human awareness of the spirit of Feathered Serpent, redeeming spiritual archetype of culture created in attunement to cosmic harmony.

In summary, Moon cycle ONE IX impacted me personally by bringing to a focus, the Dream of Harmonic Convergence. From this point forward, I acted concertedly to facilitate observance of the event in my own community.



March 23, 1987: TIME magazine publishes cover story about Supernova 1987A, which had exploded four weeks before, on February 23, 1987.