February 18, 2015 to March 20, 2015


Brown Lunation Number: 1140

“ To unconditional love and limitless bliss.“


Challenging. Crisis. Confrontation with fears. The need for planning, preparation and flexibility in the creation of a solid foundation. Patterns with a sequence. Retreat. Expansion through travel. Moral issues. Cultural exchange. Beatle's Revolution Number 9: "To become naked."


Union, teamwork, wholeness, ascension, attainment, fulfillment, world peace, unconditional love, Christ consciousness, oneness with divinity, language of light.

In the book The Mayan Factor, Jose Arguelles assigns AHAU the following keywords: Solar Mind, Solar Lord, Mastery, Realization of Solar Body, Wisdom, Knowledge, Ability to Focus Galactic Whole, Ability to Encompass and Generate the Entire Cycle. Direction SOUTH. Images

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AHAU by D.Rourke & T.Wild



February 19, 2015: Remembering Nine Ahau by Dwayne Edward Rourke.


Exactly 21 years ago (260 Moons on the Lightning Path), I mounted a solo pilgrimage to Quirigua, Guatemala, thousands of miles from my home in the woods of Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada. What prompted the pilgrimage was an intuitive sensing that it was important for my spiritual development to bring myself directly into the presence of a carved stone representation of what the Maya call an AHAU KINES, a revered spiritual guide and carrier of the sacred knowledge of Mayan cosmology.

During the reign of Cauac Sky (723–84) Quirigua had become the capital of an autonomous and prosperous state. Today, the ruins of Quirigua constitute a World Heritage Site that contains 17 outstanding 8th-century monuments carved between 426 AD and 810 AD. This impressive series of carved stelae and sculpted calendars constitute an invaluable source for the study of Mayan civilization. Remarkably, one of those carved stones was calling to me, hundreds of years after it had been placed. Archaeologists call it simply Zoomorph P.



I was introduced to Zoomorph P in 1986 through reading the book The Mayan Factor by Jose Arguelles. Although the book image (shown above) is simply a line drawing with no indication of context, I intuitively sensed the massive stone presence of it. It was not until eight years later, however, that I registered that intuition as a spiritual calling. It was an calling similar to what I had experienced a year prior when the pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico had affected me in a similar way. I responded to that call by mounting a solo pilgrimage to Teotihuacan. A year later, I found myself once again responding to a mysterious call, one that ultimately took me to a trio of sacred Mayan sites: Quirigua and Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala and Copan, in Honduras.


Zoomorph P: Quirigua, Guatemala

Altar P is a multi-ton monolith carved over the whole of its surface and depicting on one side, an AHAU KINES, a custodian of the codes of the evolutionary cycle mapped by Mayan cosmology. and evoked in the following cosmological image from The Mayan Factor wherein it is described thusly:

"Mayan science recognizes different co-existing levels of being, different phases of interactive development during discrete evolutionary cycles. These dimensions of consciousness include: CHICCHAN - the reptilian brain or autonomic limbic system - the metabolic, vegetative physical garment; OC - the emotional and conceptual, strategizing horizontal intelligence; MEN - the higher mind, the analogical, vertical intelligence resonant with the evolutionary purpose of the planet; and AHAU - the solar mind, the mind of light , the realm of the evolutionary guides of the planet, whom the Maya call the AHAU KINES, the Solar Lords."

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Since March of 1986 when I first received revelation of the Lightning Path, I had been tracking my passage through the symbology of the Tzolkin matrix on a Moon-cycle-by-Moon-cycle basis. Each Moon on the path (this continues to be the case) corresponds to a particular evolutionary code from within the Tzolkin matrix with all codes guiding perception towards manifestation of the unconditional love associated with the mind of light symbolized by hieroglyph AHAU, final glyph in the complete series of 20 Tzolkin glyphs.


The fact that I traveled to Guatemala during a 9 AHAU Moon was not lost on me. I understood it to be a completion of sorts on my multi-year initiation into Mayan cosmology. To my great delight, monuments placed at Quirigua were done so during AHAU end-dates. This is especially intriguing to me since my tracking of the calendar codes was at an expanded scale of one Moon cycle (29.5 days) per Tzolkin sector, significantly magnified from the traditional scale of one day per sector still used in the highlands of Guatemala and in contemporary offshoots of the Tzolkin such as Arguelles’ Dreamspell or the calendar work of Carl Calleman.

As pioneer of the Lightning Path, I choose to continue to follow its intuitive guidance and unique scale of engagement while at the same time benefiting from insights garnered from exposure to other uses of the Tzolkin. Now, in celebration of the universal applicability of the Tzolkin, I share with you this gallery of photos from my Tzolkin-inspired pilgrimage to Central America 21 years ago:


Archaeological Park and Ruins of Quirigua

Quirigua, Guatemala

Documentation of Sculptures at Quiriguá, Guatemala

Quirigua Guatemala travel destination

Copán, Honduras

Copán (Honduras)

Panajachel, Guatemala

Centro de Meditacion Las Piramides

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