November 13. 2012 to December 13, 2012


Brown Lunation Number: 1112

"I provide an opening for the cosmic abundance of Heaven"


Mystery; the sacred; a Greater Reality of Spirit; human need for meaning; need to understand the context of beliefs; meditation and prayer; retreat and repentance; fasting; sacrifices made in order to find the peace that resides at the very center of one' being; special places of worship; precedence of spiritual values over material values; deepest destiny; synthesis and coordination; hidden direction and power; Crown chakra: the "thousand-petaled lotus", seat of Divine awareness and bliss at the top of the head.

Crown Chakra

At www.spiritual.com.au we find the following description of number 7:

Seven is considered to be a spiritual number because it is illusive and contains veils which must first be uncovered, one after another, before illumination will ultimately be found. Seven is said to be sacred, and this is evidenced by the fact that there are seven days in the week, ancient texts such as Genesis propose that the earth was formed in seven phases, the ancient solar system consisted of seven luminaries, human body consists of seven plexuses or chakras and some versions of the Kabbalah have seven sephiroth. While seven possesses qualities of dreaminess, spirituality and psychic awareness, negatively it can be dubious, deceptive and insincere.

At www.whats-your-sign.com we find another description of the spiritual qualities of number 7:

Sevens, like Threes, deal with magical forces. Sevens deal with esoteric, scholarly aspects of magic. Representative of scholarly activities, mystery, and the focused search for esoteric meanings. Seven deals with the activation of imagination and manifesting results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness. Ruled by Saturn, Seven can represent impractical dreaming, but with a deeper understanding of the aspects of Seven, you can quite deftly utilize its magical vibration to your own benefit..


Harvest, renewal, analysis, abundance, quickening, open vessel, empowerment, mind as friend, self-nurturance, getting to the point.

Born in the Temple of the Empowered Human: Martin Luther King

Click here to read Mayan Oracle interpretation of EB by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner.

Now is the time for celebration! With Eb, you have received the cosmic cornocupia of abundance, the grail for which you have yearned. Open as the receptive chalice. Lift your empty cup that it might be filled and quickened with expanded consciousness. Your circuits are being prepared for transformation through the activation of
the gifts of Spirit.

These precious and often subtle gifts may be overlooked in your busyness. Slow down. Be receptive, freed from expectation. Even if this is a difficult time, open your heart to receive. Sweep clear your schedule and your mind. Ready yourself to be penetrated and quickened with this vortex of empowerment. Through the fruits offered by this star-glyph, you are being activated , cleared, and tuned to become a fully potentiated human being. You are a chalice, an open vessel to receive the unlimited resonance of the expanded self. Embrace the mystery that the chalice of your human form is actually the chalice of the spiraling galaxies!

Ariel Spillsbury and Michael Brynner The Mayan Oracle



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November 28, 2012. In celebration of arrival at the Full Moon of The Temple of the Empowered Human, Dwayne Rourke creates and releases freely on the Internet, his digital art creation titled: Remembering Tollan.

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