June 19, 2012 to July 18, 2012


Brown Lunation Number: 1107

"Duality does not bind me."


Polarity or opposites. Companionship. Sharing. Nurturing. Two people immersing themselves into each other, losing their individual egos. Sensitivity to others. The difference between self-love and universal love. Community. The formation of patterns. Complementary reactions. Separateness. Anxiety. Interruptions.

Light Body Location: Second Chakra See also Second Chakra


Mudra, closure, gifts, body, ritual, feasts, mating, charity, courtship, endurance, hospitality, completion, spontaneity, acting "as if", spiritual tools, ceremony of the dance.

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Astrology today is greatly conditioned by the need popular magazines have to stress above all "solar" charts and sun-sign readings. Thus we tend to forget that whatever the Sun indicates would not be practically and concretely effective in everyday life were it not for the polarizing, modifying and completing"influence" of the Moon. Life is always the result of two polar energies, masculine and feminine — solar and lunar. We never can understand and experience life truly if we stress one force at the expense of the other. Only a soli-lunar cycle can reveal to us the secrets of Nature, because all that we call "natural" is an expression of  bi-polar life-energy.

"Sex," in the ordinary sense of the term, is only one aspect of this bi-polarity of life; there are many other aspects and all these forms of interplay between the two great forces in all existence can be said to be rooted in, and maybe symbolized by, the basic relationship between Sun and Moon. When we speak, inaccurately, of the "phases of the Moon", we actually mean the phases of the cyclically evolving relationship between the two "Lights". It is not the Moon as a body which varies in size; it is the light which the Moon reflects, and this light measures the ever-changing relationship between the two polarities of life on our globe, the solar and the lunar forces. The lunation cycle, extending from one New Moon to the next, provides us with a measuring rod to ascertain the state of this soli-lunar relationship in its monthly cycle. It reveals the "rhythm" of all "natural" life processes, in our body and personality as well as in the outer world of living beings on earth.

This cycle is therefore of paramount importance, for without life there would be no embodied consciousness and no individuality. The lunation cycle should be the very foundation of any astrological interpretation of personality, as well as of health and happiness or ease of function. Thus the fact that a person is born at one phase or another of this soli-lunar cycle conditions, and often determines, his typical character; it defines the person's fundamental nature — a phrase used so much in Zen philosophy, now quite popular among members of our "intelligentsia."

You, as a particular person, were born within the span of such a cyclic process, just as inevitably as you were born during one of the four seasons of the year. Your"solar birthday" refers to this seasonal factor, but you have also a "lunation birthday" which tells you at what phase of the lunation cycle you were born.

Source: WHAT IS MY NATURE? See It Revealed in Your New Moon Before Birth by Dane Rudhyar First Published in Horoscope Magazine, June 1947.

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