October 7, 2010 to November 5, 2010

" In surrender to a power greater than myself,
I channel revelation of a world beyond form."


Mystery; the sacred; a Greater Reality of Spirit; human need for meaning; need to understand the context of beliefs; meditation and prayer; retreat and repentance; fasting; sacrifices made in order to find the peace that resides at the very center of one' being; special places of worship; precedence of spiritual values over material values; deepest destiny; synthesis and coordination; hidden direction and power; Crown chakra: the "thousand-petaled lotus", seat of Divine awareness and bliss, at the top of the head.

Crown Chakra

At www.spiritual.com.au we find the following description of number 7:

Seven is considered to be a spiritual number because it is illusive and contains veils which must first be uncovered, one after another, before illumination will ultimately be found. Seven is said to be sacred, and this is evidenced by the fact that there are seven days in the week, ancient texts such as Genesis propose that the earth was formed in seven phases, the ancient solar system consisted of seven luminaries, human body consists of seven plexuses or chakras and some versions of the Kabbalah have seven sephiroth. While seven possesses qualities of dreaminess, spirituality and psychic awareness, negatively it can be dubious, deceptive and insincere.

At www.whats-your-sign.com we find another description of the spiritual qualities of number 7:

Sevens, like Threes, deal with magical forces. Sevens deal with esoteric, scholarly aspects of magic. Representative of scholarly activities, mystery, and the focused search for esoteric meanings. Seven deals with the activation of imagination and manifesting results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness. Ruled by Saturn, Seven can represent impractical dreaming, but with a deeper understanding of the aspects of Seven, you can quite deftly utilize its magical vibration to your own benefit.


Crying, release, victory, warrior, triumph, humility, mourning, catharsis, surrender, revelation, forgiveness, transmutation.

Click here to read Mayan Oracle interpretation of CIMI by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner.

Click image above for CIMI MP3 song by Dwayne Rourke & Teresa Wild.

Watch a video version of the same song below:

Dark Angel

by Teresa Wild

In a brief sunlit moment,
your shadow crossed my own.
I had been calling for you,
but still, it took my breath away
as you flew over,
following Fate’s directions,
your grim assignations.

Dark Angel, I was hoping for respite,
but now,
glad you missed me
in the night.



October 18 - 20, 2010: Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan - World Forum on Spiritual Culture, Astana Kazakhstan.

October 22, 2010 (FULL MOON): Historic Release of Classified Information on Wikileaks

November 3, 2010: Mayanist Carl Johann Calleman ( Temple of the Empowered Human) speaks about the significance of this day (Nov. 3, 2010) in relation to his understanding of the Mayan Sacred Calendar.

November 5, 2010: An Evening with Ann Mortifee (Temple of Death) and Paul Horn (Temple of Serpents) - In Love with the Mystery, Book and CD Launch - Victoria, BC, Canada.

November 5, 2010: WYBM - Episode 01 -Part 1 of 10: "What You've Been Missing was created to fill the massive gap created by corporate media, between itself and reality. A virtual variety show with a point, WYBM helps you learn how to outgrow the status quo; through a systematic process of critical thinking supplemented with comedy."

ONGOING: Dwayne Rourke produces The Rattler, an online community interface for the global village of Spences Bridge, BC, Canada.