April 3, 2011 to May 2, 2011

" To the spiritual awakening of humanity."


Universal movement. A major pinnacle in life. Older authority figures. Grandfather. Emperor. Leaning on strong family members. Extreme self-awareness. Contemplation. Blankness. Planting seeds. Finishing a project.


Harvest, renewal, analysis, abundance, quickening, open vessel, empowerment, mind as friend, self-nurturance, getting to the point.

Click here to read Mayan Oracle interpretation of EB by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner.



April 3, 2011: Awakening Signs

April 13, 2011: Expert: Despite Japanese Gov’t Claims of Decreasing Radiation, Fukushima a "Ticking Time Bomb"

April 14th, 2011: Dr. Blaylock: Japanese Radiation Could Pose Risk to U.S.

April 14th, 2011: URGENT – USA / Canada HIGH-mid levels of Cesium – Radiation and Jetstream Forecast

Media Roots Radio - Fukushima Coverage & Break Down of Radiation

Media Roots Radio - Fukushima Coverage & Break Down of Radiation by Media Roots

April 19, 2011: PROOF of weather manipulation caused by GROUND based systems.

April 21, 2011: In honor of the recent passing of Jose Arguelles I am posting the following audio files from a talk given by him and his wife Lloydine during a weekend workshop by them. Titled EARTH ASCENDING: Preparation For Planetary Empowerment, the workshop took place June 13-15, 1986 in Calgary, on the Stoney Indian reserve (Nakoda Lodge), and in Bragg Creek, Alberta. This presentation is from the Friday evening introductory talk given by Jose and Lloydine. Click the following links to hear the presentation: Part 1 Part 2

April 22, 2011: We Are Traveling Beyond The Veils Of Illusion – Life Unites Birth + Death As One Whole Continuum… by Eden Sky.

April 22, 2011: Rourke & Wild release their free calendar for mythic passage through the Temple of Thunder during the upcoming Lunar Year on The Lightning Path. Click image below to download it.

April 27 and April 28, 2011, brought the deadliest tornado outbreak in the United States since 1974.

ALABAMA Tuscaloosa tornado 28-04-2011

Apr 29, 2011: MASSIVE tornado outbreak was predicted by HAARP rings? You be the judge!

April 29, 2011: Chris Hedges talk in Pasadena California

May 1, 2011: Dwayne Rourke uploads enhanced audio of talk given by Jose Arguelles on June 16, 1986.

May 1, 2011: President Obama on Death of Osama bin Laden.

May 1, 2011: David Dees Illustration:

May 2, 2011: Photos: Bin Laden newspaper headlines.

ONGOING: Dwayne Rourke produces The Rattler, an online community interface for the global village of Spences Bridge, BC, Canada.