August 17, 2012 to September 15, 2012


Brown Lunation Number: 1109

"Through self-remembrance and divine guidance..."


Measure. Production. The use of will and force. Decision. The organization and preparation necessary to create a foundation. Patience. Caution. Pause. Family. Detours. Need for organization.

Light Body Location: Fourth Chakra See also Fourth Chakra


Signs, signals, godseed, psychometry, surging forward, self-remembrance, psychic wholeness, passage through life, cosmic communication, beacon of consciousness, reaping the rewards of effort.

Click here to read Mayan Oracle interpretation of MULUC by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner.

In a truly individualized man consciousness is centered in the "mind," but is NOT a mind identified with intellectual processes and autocratically ruled by the usual kind of ego found today in most human beings. It is NOT a mind the contents of which are still conditioned by both biological drives and a local culture with its set traditional patterns and its exclusivism.

Symbolically - and also perhaps in some actual yet not obvious sense - this "new mind," free from compulsive life-urges and social-cultural patterns, is centered in the 'heart' rather than in the cortical parts of the brain. However, what is meant in this connection by the 'heart' (according to many old occult religious traditions) is not the physical organ itself, but the heart as a symbol of the individual rhythm of the entire "field of existence" which constitutes a person. This occult heart is the power that makes the physical organ pulsate according to a basic rhythm or vibratory quality; it refers to the "timbre" of these pulsations (using the term, timbre, in its musical meaning). And very likely this heart-power can be located - in the electro-magnetic force-field (aura?) which, in dynamic terms, constitutes the real individual person - at the place where the vertical axis of the spine crosses the horizontal line of the extended arms. At this place, according to Rosicrucian symbolism, the divine Rose blooms at the center of the Cross of existence.

This symbolism refers to the fact that the transfer of the power of the self from the generic center at the base of the spine - the Muladhara Chakra in Hindu yoga - to the individual center at the level of the heart requires in most cases some kind of 'crucifixion.' But it may be that the final crucifixion, the most pervasive and indeed total crisis, has to be related to a process which occurs within the skull - Golgotha means the place of the skull. At the end of this new process man truly becomes "more-than-man," reaching the state of holiness, which means indeed the perfection of wholeness at the new level of selfhood. At that level, individuality itself is transcended and man has the spiritual right no longer to say "I," but WE.

From The Planetarization of Consciousness by Dane Rudhyar



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