original co-created painting by Dwayne Rourke & Teresa Wild.



May 9, 2013 to June 8, 2013


Brown Lunation Number: 1118

Every temple of 13 Moons evoked here on The Lightning Path website is intended to lead the journeyer into the non-ordinary realms of a Dreamtime matrix mapped by the Mayan Sacred Calendar (Tzolkin). The website freely offers guidance and inspiration through images and information drawn from a wide variety of sources and as the current lunar year comes to a close, I have consolidated for your enjoyment, a few of the resources that have found their way to this site over the last 13 Moons. This will be especially interesting to those of you who have joined me on this adventure in consciousness. May it further our resolve to shed within ourselves all remnants of the Dream of Endless War as we prepare to enter the Temple of Serpents. May we fully embody the Dream of Peace as we embark, in unison, on June 18, 2013 declaring: I walk the Lightning Path!

MAY 20, 2012 TO JUNE 8, 2013

NEW MOON 1 CIMI May 20, 2012 I walk the path of death and revelation. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Our journey began during a spectacular annular Solar eclipse when hype around the so-called end of the Mayan calendar was raging across the Internet. Vested political interests were amping up the notion that the end of the world was coming soon. Hollywood and the corporate media played a well-orchestrated role in amplifying people's fears.

On June 5-6, 2012, another event, this time involving the passage of Venus across the face of the Sun, signaled completion of an 8 year celestial window into Mystery.

From then on until December 21, 2012 the heat was on for what many feared was an immanent end to the world, at least that is how many spun and twisted the Mayan story. Indigenous Mayans were bewildered at how their cyclic worldview could be so maligned.

NEW MOON 2 MANIK June 19, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

NEW MOON 3 LAMAT July 18, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

NEW MOON 4 MULUC August 17, 2012

NEW MOON 5 OC September 15, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

September 25, 2012: Hubble Goes to the eXtreme to Assemble Farthest Ever View of the Universe

Hubble eXtreme Deep Field (XDF)
Source: Hubblesite.org

NEW MOON 6 CHUEN October 15, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Highly recommended for all Monkeys, Artists, Tricksters: YouTube Videos - Cosmic History Chronicles III -Book of the Mystery by Jose Arguelles & Stephanie South- Part I Part II Part III

NEW MOON 7 EB November 13, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Now is the time for celebration! With Eb, you have received the cosmic cornocupia of abundance, the grail for which you have yearned. Open as the receptive chalice. Lift your empty cup that it might be filled and quickened with expanded consciousness. Your circuits are being prepared for transformation through the activation of
the gifts of Spirit.

These precious and often subtle gifts may be overlooked in your busyness. Slow down. Be receptive, freed from expectation. Even if this is a difficult time, open your heart to receive. Sweep clear your schedule and your mind. Ready yourself to be penetrated and quickened with this vortex of empowerment. Through the fruits offered by this star-glyph, you are being activated , cleared, and tuned to become a fully potentiated human being. You are a chalice, an open vessel to receive the unlimited resonance of the expanded self. Embrace the mystery that the chalice of your human form is actually the chalice of the spiraling galaxies!

Ariel Spillsbury and Michael Brynner The Mayan Oracle

NEW MOON 8 BEN December 13 , 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

NEW MOON 9 IX January 11, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

NEW MOON 10 MEN February 9, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

NEW MOON 11 CIB March 11, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

April 10, 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

NEW MOON 13 ETZNAB May 9, 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

With its roots in the Tzolkin, most sacred of the many calendars used by the Maya and other Mesoamerican civilizations, the calendar journey mapped by the Lightning Path is cyclic in nature. This makes for interesting, retrospective analysis. Look back to previous passage through The Temple of the Empowered Human from May 13, 1991 to May 31, 1992 to see what I mean: