Love, storm, peace, beauty, emotion, feelings, cleansing, telepathy, sensitivity, light body, purification, thunder beings, transformation, renewed energy, ecstatic freedom, impressionability, keys to all worlds.

11 June 1996

Dear Ann and Dwayne:

Thank you both for the riches of spirit and talent you both shared so
wonderfully during the recent Healthful Living Expo in Nanaimo.

The Sunday of that weekend, my partner, Beatrice, and I were back on
Saltspring and attended a three hour sitting arranged by the Buddhist
meditation group to which we belong. Once a month, on Sundays, we sit for
three or four hours, interspersed with walking meditation. I suppose I
should have been engaged in standard practice, watching breath,
mindfulness exercises, but I chose to use the entire three hours on this
particular Sunday to focus attention on the Mayan glyph which corresponded
to my temple of birth, The Temple of Thunder. This decision was inspired,
in large part, by Dwayne's recommendation that meditation on the glyph
alone can prove a powerful aid to inner work.

For the first hour or so, not much happened as I was preoccupied with
assigning my own meanings and interpretations to every glimmer of
significance that the glyph revealed. Sometime during the second hour I
finally got quiet enough to allow the glyph to begin delivering its
significations. During this period, the glyph changed in size and
dimension. I ceased visualizing it as a 2D rendering on a piece of paper.
It grew to the vastness of an actual temple, three dimensional and made
of stone. A temple framework that I could move inhabit and move around

The sphere in the lower left hand corner with the seven spokes or rays
radiating from it became a positive, solar, chakra enlivening force. The
'X' situated in the lower right hand corner, announced itself as a
negative pole, a fixed and limited, time and space solidity ('X' marks the

Here in the Temple of Thunder, tension builds. A charge builds between the
positive radiating pole and the negative, fixed pole ñ just as the
positive and negative polarities of subatomic particles build in the
atmosphere towards the release that is thunder. The image was saying to
me, "Look! This is how it is here in the Temple of Thunder. This
polarity. This building charge. This dynamic tension of opposites powering
towards release is your natural state. It is your innate resonance in this
life time.

Don't shy away from the opposites that life throws at you - up/down,
good/evil, dark/light ñ for in holding on to them and resonating with them
and doing more and more of that, you increase the charge. It builds and
builds until the very intensity of the charge itself calls down the
something from above.

Behold, above, the hanging cloudlike loops, ranked in descending rows of
4, 3, 2, 1. An inverted tetractys. All numbers, one through ten, present
and accounted for, descending from heaven to the point of 1. It is from
here that the lightning bolt will fire and quicken whatever it touches,
passing through all the polarities and tensions that define your present
state. Those polarities are only released and transformed through the
intercession of the spark that descends.

The lightning from above thus inspires and quickens us, both to create
out of the tension of opposites and to release out of that tension; to
die out of it into the ecstatic calm and ozone freshness that follows
thunder and lightning. The aftermath of our thunderous, creative,
transformative activities is most often a rich rain that rejuvenates the
fallow land. And for a while we rest.

Thunder is a voice heard from above. The inverted tetractys is a
downwards pointing triangle, like the tree of spirit, its root (or base)
above, it's tip (or apex) below. In the Temple of thunder, it is matched
by an upwards pointing triangle formed by the lower left radiant sun and
the "X", as its two base points, and the upper tetractys as its apex. A
subtle Star of David at work within the Temple of Thunder. As above, so
below. Heaven brings its bellowing gifts from above and the buzzing,
howling, accumulating polarities of the realms of organic life, of
ex-istence, rise to receive those giftsÖ to receive that sudden,
lightning swift influx from above that our very creative tension calls
down. Not a gentle place, the Temple of Thunder.

But neither is it destructive or dissipative. For Thunder and Lightning,
for all their fearsome aspect, are agents of positive transformation. The
atmosphere is renewed via thunder, lightning and rain. Some, scientists
among them, even say that life itself began lightning struck a stew of
amino acids in some primal pond.

Loud. Sudden. Eruptive. Frightening, Sure, thunder is all these things.
But then, so is growth. So is life. So is our own deeper voice when it
first erupts from our bellies. The tension of opposites in the Temple of
Thunder is a dynamism to be engaged, embraced, entered into by those who
come into form within its precincts. Our humility comes in recognizing
that the ignition of our polarities occurs from the transcendent domain.
It originates above, in the triangle clouds that hang from heaven's gate.
What a grace, what a mystery to be present in this conflagration of our
psyches in Thunder's step down transformer of a temple.

I am grateful to have to have seen and to have felt such things in
pondering Thunder's glyph. I am also grateful for one other mollifying
insight that came during this meditation, viz., that thunder does not
erupt constantly. Following the discharge, there is peace for a while. And
then slowly things begin to build again. Thank heaven for natural rhythms
and cycles.

As I am utterly unfamiliar with Mayan cosmology, I have no idea of knowing
whether or not these insights are an accurate reflection of the meanings
intended by the authors of the glyphs. They are, however, what came, and
came forcefully in the course of the extended mediation and, as such, I
felt inspired to share them with you. The power and the beauty that
accompanied their unfolding in meditation convinced me that you are on to
something very important in your work. I would very much appreciate
learning more about it and look forward to your postings on the internet.

Thank you once again for making this extraordinary knowledge available to
people. And, Ann, as always, thank you for your music. There are moments
when the experience of listening to you can only be adequately expressed
by deferring to something of equal magnitude, these lines by Coleridge for
example (rendered from memory and slightly gender altered to fit the

A damsel with a dulcimer in a vision once I saw.
She was an Abyssinian maid and upon her dulcimer she played
Singing of Mount Abora
Could I revive within me her symphony and song
To such a deep delight 'twould win me
that with music loud and long
I would build that dome in air
those caves of ice
and all who saw would cry beware
her flashing eyes, her floating hair!
Weave a circle round her thrice
And close your eyes with holy dread
For she on honeydew hath fed
And drunk the milk of paradise!

With love and appreciation,
Colin Yardley and Beatrice Engel
Saltspring Island, BC