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Eros is the Greek God of erotic love and desire. Born out of Chaos (the Void) at the beginning of time, Eros is a primal, phallic god who serves as the generative masculine power which brings the world into creation.

"Addictions reflect our deep-seated death wishes, and eros—the primal life force—is the antidote to this pull toward death—thanatos."

Barbara Hand Clow Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini


The position of asteroid Eros in your astrological birthchart is a significator of where your deepest passions, desires and vital energies reside. Whether you are male or female does not matter. Everyone has Eros!

To quickly locate where Eros was at the time of your birth, use this asteroid Eros ephemeris, a portion of which is shown below. Positions are approximate because they are posted in 5 day increments, so an exact determination will require some adjustment. Simply locate the 5 day segment within which your birth took place, as highlighted in the example below.


If you DO NOT have a personal birthchart at all, or would like to know the exact location of Eros at your birth, you can find out for free at Once established as a registered user you will gain immediate access to not only a natal horoscope calculator, but many other astrological options as well, including readings, interactive horoscopes. and personal chart drawings with Eros included. Simply use the "Free Horoscopes -> extended chart selection" and make sure you enter the number 433 in the field for additional asteroids.

For insightful commentary regarding asteroid Eros in your chart, check out Kim Falconer's great article: "Asteroid 433 Eros: The Astrology of Love."


"Eros, like any planet in the astrological chart, represents a basic human need or drive. He moves us with a passion and intensity colored by the nature of the zodiac, and describes our approach to erotic love and creativity." ——Kim Falconer

Astrological Eros represents what excites you the most in life.
It is your symbolic Passion Button.