Finding Our Way Into the Sun of Consciousness


Spiritual teachings within both the Hindu and Mayan traditions tell us that we not only have tangible, touchable, physical bodies, but that we also have non-physical, "light bodies," comprised of subtle-energy vortices aligned vertically with the spine and commonly referred to as "chakras". These vortices are nodes of activity for the reception, assimilation, and transmission, of multi-dimensional life energies. Normally latent, these vortices can nonetheless be brought to life through a process commonly referred to as "light body activation."

In the diagram below, each chakra of the human light body is shown to refer to a traditional Eastern yoga path and to a particular type of mastery:

Yoga Paths of the Human Light Body

At the root chakra, we find hatha yoga, the yoga dealing with our most primary connection to the material world. Within this spiritual practice, otherwise known as the yoga of physical postures (asanas), the inner work centers on purifying the body by directly addressing it’s most primal hungers, drives and fears. The Maya refer to this chakra as a primordial, unifying vibration and represent it mathematically as a single dot. It is thought to be a form of solar energy they refer to as “kultunlilni” or “body lightning." Kultunlilni corresponds to our most primal connection to the Earth and constitutes the initial venturesomeness that initiates any process of manifestation. In esoteric yoga systems of the East, kultunlilni is known by the similar name "kundalini," meaning "serpent power", said to rest like a sleeping serpent at the base of the spine, until aroused. Activating one's temple-of-birth on The Lightning Path is about consciously awakening this powerful inner resource and safely channeling it into meaningful acts of creation.

Mayan symbol representing solar charge at base of the spine.

For most people, the solar charge at the base of the spine is largely latent. Once aroused, however, it becomes a powerful force that unfolds through two main evolutionary currents. Ascending from chakra one to chakra seven is what Eastern mystics call the current of liberation (mukti). Within this stage of chakra activation, we awaken from constricting or compulsive behaviours and are gradually inspired to entertain new possibilities. Inspiration reaches a peak at the mysterious seventh chakra position at the crown of the head where we enter the current of manifestation, or what the ancients called bukti, or enjoyment. Complex fulfillment of inspiration throughout the following five stages brings us once again to the primordial base of the root chakra where complexity gives way to simplicity and we begin again, another turn on a continuous evolutionary spiral into expanded consciousness.

Tantra, the yoga of the
second chakra, goes beyond simple physicality to teach us how to master our instinctual and emotional natures, especially as these relate to our sexuality. This includes the very important task of determining how best to channel our vital sexual energy into an authentic way of life.

At the
third chakra we encounter karma yoga, the yoga of action. It focuses on the gradual purification and removal of selfish and egotistical limitations through the cultivation of generosity. Karma yoga is the yoga of “doing whatever needs to be done” regardless of what our selfish desires or wants would have us do or not do.

The yoga of the
fourth or heart chakra expands awareness into the realm of pure devotion or bhakti, the natural generosity of spirit inherent in human nature. All actions become motivated primarily by feelings of altruism and goodwill. In its central position on the chakra tree the heart chakra integrates the triad of chakras above with the triad of those below. The development of a compassionate, witnessing consciousness, unattached to outcome and thus able to act freely in all situations is the central intent of this yoga.

fifth chakra is located near the throat and deals with all manner of self-expression, communication and mental-spiritual development. It corresponds to mantra yoga which primarily uses sacred sounds (mantras) and sacred songs to help focus the mind and to help activate all other chakras. In Eastern yoga traditions, a distinct mantra exists for each of the seven chakras.

At the
sixth, or brow chakra, we encounter yantra yoga which focuses the mind through the use of mystical diagrams or meditation symbols called yantras. Astrology, with its many circular mandalas, is included in this group. The general aim of this yoga is to develop our capacity to understand the world objectively and to envision future possibilities.

The name of the
seventh or “crown” chakra yoga is jnana. Jnana yoga is the path of knowledge through inquiry and meditation. It embraces all other yogas and integrates them into a unity through abstract, intellectual understanding. It corresponds to the all-inclusive seat of Divine intelligence and bliss, the bliss that naturally arises through revelation of one's sovereign place within the human family. Number seven is the number denoting synthesis and coordination, hidden direction and mystical power. It denotes all manner of shamanic activity. It orients us to the realm of our deepest destiny.


On The Lightning Path, number seven exhibits its transcendent capacity for co-ordination when it organizes the other twelve numbers into what I call a "temple-of-birth", as evoked in the following two diagrams:

Number seven co-ordinates the other 12 Numbers.

A Temple-of-Birth On The Lightning Path

The Lightning Path formulates twenty such temples-of-birth and each is comprised of a unique combination of thirteen sacred hieroglyphs from the Tzolkin. As will be shown in the following pages, this provides a very expansive frame-of-reference for consciously working with the subtle-energies of the human light body on both a personal and a collective level. (See Lightning Path Timebeam.)

Schematic representation of the Twenty Temples-of-Birth of The Lightning Path

The Lightning Path Timebeam


Temples-of-birth are symbolic maps of consciousness and examination of the first, seventh and thirteenth hieroglyphs of any given temple provides a comprehensive indication of the nature of that temple’s purpose. For example, The Temple of Fingers and Toes, first temple in the series of twenty, begins with number one, as root chakra, and thus calls us to begin from our most primordial foundation and its unity with all Creation. Unlike the other nineteen temples, however, The Temple of Fingers and Toes compounds this evocation of unity by aligning number ONE with IMIX , the hieroglyph most representative of this primordial unity. In the context of The Lightning Path, therefore, we have a double evocation of the primordial Source of All.

As indicated above, and in accord with similar yoga teachings from the East, the Maya believe each of us has a latent solar charge residing at the base of our spines, awaiting activation. Once awoken, the charge gradually ascends the chakra tree, progressively activating each chakra along the way. If successful, opening of the seventh or Crown chakra is achieved and this results in a powerful experience of intuitive perception.

Looking for guidance within the map of consciousness that is the
Temple of Fingers and Toes, reveals hieroglyph MANIK at the seventh chakra. Given the profound, primordial unity evoked by ONE IMIX at the root chakra, an equally profound evocation of depth is called for at the crown chakra, Consequently, I believe that what is referred to by MANIK in this seventh chakra position of the all-human, planetary light body is the immortal archetypal ancestor of all humanity! What the temple map reminds us of is that intuitive perception of this ancestor is possible. Once evoked, its presence pervades not only this temple, but the entire series of temples on The Lightning Path since it evokes conscious awareness of the universal “world tree” or “axis mundi” uniting all members of our species. This is the same awareness perpetuated by traditional Maya through their common greeting, “In Lak’ech” which means: “I am another yourself.”

The Temple of Finger and Toes

On The Lightning Path, the fundamental axis of the all-human light body is evoked by the linkage of ONE IMIX and SEVEN MANIK and it is this universal axis that is at the core of each and every temple on The Lightning Path. From here on in, each distinct temple "clothes" this universal axis with a unique combination of symbols, each of which refers to the development of particular powers.

So what of the thirteenth symbol of this first temple on the path? Already the temple symbolism has evoked memory our unity with all Creation and has honored the archetypal ancestor of all humanity. Now, with its thirteenth symbol, BEN
, pillars of Heaven and Earth uniting, we are guided to bring our higher selves into alignment with our lower selves, in complete surrender to the vibratory harmonic of light itself ( THIRTEEN), purpose-full engine of universal movement.


Light body activation on The Lightning Path is supported by cultivating a profound awareness of our unity with all Creation (1 IMIX). The purpose of engaging in this activation process is to align with the primordial Ancestor of all humanity (7 MANIK) fully aware that the vast expanse of our life is inextricably bound to the stupendous, mysterious and sacred journey of light itself (13 BEN).