Finding Our Way Into the Sun of Consciousness


Time is a river which sweeps me along, but I am the river;
it is a tiger which destroys me, but I am the tiger;
it is a fire which consumes me, but I am the fire.

Jorge Luis Borges

The sequence of Moon cycles comprising The Book of Electrum is based on the timing of my initial revelation of the existence of The Lightning Path in March of 1986. That revelation took place within the mind of a single individual but it is clearly not meant for that individual alone. Nor is it really about that individual. It is about what the revelation points to as a collective path of mythic attunement mysteriously aligned to the orbit of planet Uranus.


Astroglyph for Uranus

It takes 21 years to pass through, one-Moon-cycle-at-a-time, all 260 sectors of the Tzolkin as used on The Lightning Path. This is exactly one quarter of the 84 years it takes for Uranus to orbit the Sun, as revealed in the following calculation summary:

1 synodic cycle of the Moon (lunation cycle) = 29 days 12 hr. 44min = 29. 53 days

1 Luna-Tzolkin round (260 lunation cycles) = 260 x 29.53 = 7677.8 days

4 Luna-Tzolkin rounds = 7677.8 x 4 = 30,711.2 days = 84.08 yr.

1 Orbital Period (Year) of Uranus = 84.01 Years* (30,685.4 Days)
* The approximation of 365.256 days per year is used.

Uranus Orbit

84 Year Orbit of Uranus Around the Sun

This close correlation between the duration of the orbit of Uranus to the duration of four Lightning Path passages allows us to characterize each passage as one "Uranian season." Each season is thus made up of 20 consecutive lunar years of 13 Moons each with each Moon being ascribed both a hieroglyph and a number from the Mayan Sacred Calendar (Tzolkin).

The Lightning Path as Matrix of 260 (13 x 20) Lunar Cycles.

The Thirteen Sacred Numbers Portrayed as Thirteen Lunation Mandalas

On The Lightning Path a Lunar Year (13 Moons) and a Temple are One and the Same

Cosmometry - Patterns from Marshall Lefferts on Vimeo.

For the purpose of exploring this mysterious relationship between
The Lightning Path and the orbit of Uranus, I have assembled The Lightning Path Timebeam: an evolving constellation of personal anecdotes and web resources organized according to the "seasons" of the orbit of Uranus. Each season is represented by a version of the following "timebeam" graphic wherein all 260 Moons of that season are represented.

TO ACCESS TIMEBEAM ENTRIES: From the graphical list of timewave season's below, choose the season you wish to explore by clicking on the image for that season. When the timebeam page opens up, choose a scale to view it at by clicking on a percent indicator in the upper left hand corner. Once your scale is rendered, scroll horizontally to locate postings for particular Moons. NOTE: Only Moons with the following image contain entries:

NOTE: For direct access to the current Moon cycle posting,
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This timebeam (and this website) is a work-in-progress. Timebeam entries are intended to assist further revelation of The Lightning Path by exploring synchronicities between my own direct experience, on the one hand, and the symbolism of the Mayan Sacred Calendar, on the other. If you would like to use this website to share your own experiences in this regard, please contact me via the email link below. I welcome also, your feedback, suggestions, insights, etc.


Dwayne Edward Rourke