Finding Our Way Into the Sun of Consciousness


"The man who understands a symbol not only "opens himself" to the objective world, but at the same time succeeds in emerging from his personal situation and reaching a comprehension of the universal...Thanks to the symbol, the individual experience is "awoken", and transmuted into a spiritual act." Mircea Eliade

The illustration shown above evokes the complete process of temple activation. Shown aligned with the seventh or "crown" chakra of an individual person is hieroglyph MANIK, representative of The Temple of Fingers and Toes, first temple in the series of 20 that make up the The Lightning Path.

In this image, hieroglyph MANIK sits at the peak of a reversed, 7 level "pyramid" of 13 Moon cycles. Not shown here, but descending the "steps" of that pyramid are 12 black boxes indicative of the dozen other hieroglyphs associated with this temple. All 20 temples of
The Lightning Path have this same structure but each has its own unique combination of hieroglyphs, hence the different names given to each temple.

It is the glyph at the 7th Moon position of a lunar year that determines the name of a given temple and anyone born in that lunar year is aligned with it for the duration of his or her life. It is a cosmic birthright that carries with it, a gift of transcendent energy and information. That gift is dispensed to you initially through the sacred hieroglyph assigned to the seventh Moon of the lunar year within which you were born.

Access to the energy and information contained in your temple hieroglyph is facilitated by simply calling it into vision, in your sixth chakra. This begins the subtle, developmental process of manifestation of the qualities related to that particular glyph. By simply holding the symbol of your temple in mind, and by recalling its attributes, you will be directly empowered with subtle spiritual energy, energy which is henceforth at your disposal to release as creative self-expression. Further levels of empowerment can come through working with the
mudra, invocation of sovereignty and keywords associated with your temple-of-birth, as well as through study of the lives of historical exemplars coincidently born in your temple.

Following is a list of exemplars who have shared with me personally, some aspect of this temple activation process as it has manifested in their own lives:

Colin Yardley
Susan Allore
Gordon Raven
Deb Anthony
Teresa Wild
Barbara Nyns

The following presentation is given by a woman born in the Temple of Thunder, like myself. Her name is Elizabeth Gilbert and she is the author of a hugely successful book called Eat, Pray, Love. In the video, Elizabeth shares powerful insights into the creative process. I believe those insights are relevant to anyone interested in bringing their temple-of-birth to life. Enjoy!


If you allow yourself to be creatively animated by the inspiration you receive from your temple birthright, you will have completely entered into the process of grounding this sacred energy to the Earth. May the forms you create be for the benefit of all beings, great and small.

If you would like to see YOUR temple story included on this website, please contact me with your proposal.