Myth not only teaches and regulates, it heals and transforms.
To enter into the mythical dimension is to enter into the time of primordial unity, a time when all things were and are in order.
Charles Ponce

On August 16, 1987, people from all walks of life, gathered at dawn at sacred sites throughout the planet in a ceremony called Harmonic Convergence. The ceremony fulfilled ancient prophecy from many world traditions as it united "sacred warriors of the heart" worldwide. Most prominent among these prophecies was that related to the return of the spirit of Feathered Serpent/ Quetzalcoatl, Mesoamerican symbol of culture created in peaceful attunement to cosmic order.

The prophetic moment of the return of this beneficent spiritual archetype to collective awareness had been determined through careful reference to the Mayan Sacred Calendar. Eventually, hundreds of thousands of people participated in its manifestation thus turning it into the largest globally synchronized sacred sites event of all time. Precisely at dawn, people everywhere gathered together in prayer, ceremony and the heart at sacred sites as diverse as Ayer's Rock, Mt.Shasta, Jericho Beach, Stonehenge, Teotihuacan, Giza, and Macchu Pichu. People came together in large groups, small groups, alone and in pairs. The visionary
Dream of Harmonic Convergence in some way touched them all. It was, and still is, a Dream devoted to the peaceful transformation of culture to ensure the long-term sustainability of humanity and of the many species with which we share this rare planet.

As one who participated whole-heartedly in
Harmonic Convergence and, more importantly, as one continuing to be devoted to its central intent, I offer up The Lightning Path as a practical means of advancing fulfillment of the Dream of Harmonic Convergence through divination of timely and appropriate action. Moon-cycle-step by Moon-cycle-step, the path's cyclic frame-of-reference provides concrete and immediate guidance aiding the birth of the Dream into concrete reality.

In the spirit of Feathered Serpent that rose up at
Harmonic Convergence, The Lightning Path discloses a means of astrological/mythological attunement intended to facilitate the continued development of the seed of cultural transformation planted so dynamically into the collective imagination at that time. Central to this path is a sacred ritual calendar used by the Maya for thousands of years. Known as the Tzolkin (tzohl-KEEN), the calendar acts as a divinatory map of consciousness conveyed through 20 meaning-laden hieroglyphs and 13 sacred numbers. The Maya consider it to be a universal spiritual tool transmitting to humanity important cosmic messages emanating from the center of our Milky Way galaxy, what they refer to as Hunab Ku, the "One Giver of Movement and Measure."

20 hieroglyphs of the Mayan Sacred Calendar (Tzolkin).

Traditional Maya to this day use the Tzolkin for the timing of spiritual activities and for the reckoning of personal destiny, much like one uses the Tarot, the Runes, or the I Ching. The Lightning Path revolutionizes this traditional use of the Tzolkin through a simple change in scale. Rather than using one hieroglyph per day for attunement, The Lightning Path utilizes one hieroglyph per Moon cycle (29.5 days). There are 13 of these Moon cycles in a complete Lunar "year" (29.5 days x 13 = 383.5 days).

The Lightning Path forms the basis of both a personal and a collective spiritual practice. It presents a revolutionary new way of "reading the cosmic wind" of Earth's endless journey through galactic space. It is meant to serve modern people meeting present-day challenges.

The Lightning Path astrologically assigns to every person on the planet, multiple domains of symbolism beginning with an inner "temple-of-birth" designated by the seventh Moon of the Lunar year of 13 Moons within which they were born.

Number Seven Co-ordinates the Other 12 Numbers.

On The Lightning Path twenty temples of the cosmic imagination reveal themselves as highly integrative maps of consciousness, applicable on many levels at once. Each map unites hieroglyphs and numbers into a seven-leveled pyramid of time. This pyramid of time is common to all twenty temples on The Lightning Path and is directly aligned to the universal human light body known as the chakra system, as shown in the following schematic diagram.

A Temple-of-Birth On
The Lightning Path

20 Temples-of-Birth On
The Lightning Path

It takes twenty-one Solar years for all twenty temples of The Lightning Path to be revealed, one Moon cycle at a time. This is exactly one quarter of the eighty-four Solar years it takes for planet Uranus to orbit the Sun, hence, a natural resonance exists between the orbit of Uranus, and The Lightning Path. In fact, The Lightning Path is so named, because Uranus has long been associated with both lightning and with awakening -- what The Lightning Path is all about.

Astroglyph for planet Uranus

The thirteen numbers and twenty hieroglyphs of the Mayan Sacred Calendar (Tzolkin) combine to constellate two hundred and sixty codes of transformation. I have translated these codes into twenty poetic invocations of sovereignty in order to make them meaningful on a personal level. They assist us in aligning consciously and prayerfully with the ongoing serpent wave of transformation that is The Lightning Path. Catch the leading edge of that serpent wave by clicking the following image, wherever you find it on the unfolding Timebeam:


Manifesting the Dream of Harmonic Convergence