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A basic building block of The Lightning Path is the Tzolkin, here seen as a universal spiritual tool combining 20 sacred hieroglyphs with 13 sacred numbers as shown in the diagram below. Each combination of number and glyph represents a code of transformation, one stage in a 260-stage process, the end goal of which is the attainment of cosmic consciousness and unconditional love (AHAU). As potent symbolic representations of the many states of awareness preparatory to such attainment, these 260 combinations of number and hieroglyph encompass the whole gamut of human experience, from the simplest to the most complex. Application of these codes to our own lives enables us to gradually shift our awareness from the realm of the purely personal, to that of the broadly trans-personal.

The Mayan Sacred Calendar (Tzolkin)

Everything is in it that pertains to being, not only as progressions of the light but as a ladder to be ascended by hero and heroine alike. The twenty Signs in their ever-revolving order define a path of life in which the physical being prepares and is a stage for the higher mental spirals of being. It is a path of being that is total and inclusive of human being, a path and a pattern of being that is universal, not merely of this life on this planet but for all life throughout the universe. In their glyphic, iconic, comic-book simplicity, the twenty Signs describe the destinal adventure as the Mayan navigators have successfully charted it in their light-crafted explorations of the galactic field.

..........Jose Arguelles The Mayan Factor p. 101

The hieroglyphs of the Tzolkin are what the authors of The Mayan Oracle (P.12) call a sacred "language of light":

.....Its glyphs are a collection of ancient symbols encoded with symbolic messages. Together, these messages constitute what can be called a galactic "language of light." By allowing this language to permeate your mind-body system, you can activate and promote the cellular restructuring necessary to create and nourish your "light body," the spirit body that is crafted within and permeates your physical form. As your light body becomes activated , more and more of your decisions are made in alignment with Spirit. Eventually, as your vibration rises and you fully awaken, you can actually "ascend" into other dimensions. You can even take your physical body with you on this journey into the cosmos.


IMIX (ee meesh’)
Dragon, alligator, primal trust, source of life, Primordial Mother, physical protection, undivided primal waters, divine nurturance and support.

IK (eek)
Wind, truth, spirit, breath, inspiration, co-creation, clairvoyance, unseen forces, communication, creative genius, integration of polarities, one's calling and purpose in life.

Womb, abyss, house, night, stillness, dark cave, sanctuary, self-mastery, journey into self, "looks-within" place, compassion and stability, search for mental security.

Opening, seeding, creation, gestation, detachment, eccentricity, independence, fertile ground, self-germination, a foot in both worlds, storehouse of the culture

Lovers, desire, choice, passion, instinct, intimacy, invention, kundalini, solar energy, sexual energy, psychic bonding, tempering of vices, serpent.

Crying, release, victory, warrior, triumph, humility, mourning, catharsis, surrender, revelation, forgiveness, transmutation.

Gifts, body, ritual, feasts, mudra, mating, charity, courtship, endurance, hospitality, completion, spontaneity, acting "as if", spiritual tools, ceremony of the dance, deer.

Barter, wisdom, starseed, maturity, ripeness, the sage, the octave, wayshower, negotiations, expanded love, clear perspective, beneficial combinations rabbit.

Signs, signals, godseed, psychometry, surging forward, self-remembrance, psychic wholeness, passage through life, cosmic communication, beacon of consciousness, reaping the rewards of effort.

Path, friends, balance, dream weaver, total immersion, spiritual strength, recasting the past, guardians and guides, companions of destiny, emotional-body issues, fulfillment of wishes, dog.

Mask, clans, humor, theatre, disguise, reversal, artistry, amusement, disruption, spontaneity, Hanged Man (tarot), transparency, ethnic groups, entertainment, apprenticeship, tribal meetings, trickster, monkey.

Harvest, renewal, analysis, abundance, quickening, open vessel, empowerment, mind as friend, self-nurturance, getting to the point, grass, open mind, cornucopia, chalice.

Teaching, knowledge, understanding, time/space travel, angelic messenger, fluid reference points, balancing of opposites, courage and compassion, working in harmony with others, pillars of Heaven and Earth uniting, reed.

Priest, jaguar, shaman, integrity, magician, messenger, meditation, night seer, torch bearer, heart-knowing.

Hope, leadership, inheritances, management, commitment, understanding, planetary mind, spiritual power, belief in oneself, gathering of eagles, dreams and visions, gods and goddesses, global consciousness, compassionate service, liberty.

Aid, care, trust, status, inner voice, mystic staff, distinctions, golden pillar, galactic conduit, divine ferryman, mystic transmission, cosmic consciousness.

Timing, synergy, territory, deadlines, scheduling, earthquake, earth force, earth keeper, synchronicity, body knowing, crystal healing.

Action, detail, clarity, success, hierarchy, fruitfulnes, facing shadow, making choices, spiritual warriorship, integration of paradox, designation of priorities, division of land holdings, incense.

Storm, rain, emotion, feelings, cleansing, telepathy, sensitivity, light body, purification, thunder beings, transformation, renewed energy, ecstatic freedom, impressionability, sensitivity, keys to all worlds.

Sun, union, teamwork, wholeness, ascension, attainment, fulfillment, world peace, unconditional love, Christ consciousness, oneness with divinity, language of light.


Dot and bar notation of the 13 sacred numbers of the Tzolkin


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