My many encounters with Hopi spirituality caused me to deeply re-member my aboriginal heart. The Healing Ceremony for Planet Earth had empowered me with such a strong feeling of integral connectedness “with all land and life” that I lost complete interest in sustaining the fragmenting status quo mentality of my culture of birth. I soon found myself drawn to completely new sources of information and experience. This was especially pronounced when I encountered books that seemed to resonate with my new Earth person identity. One such book stands out in this regard: Earth Ascending by Jose’ Arguelles.

In the fall of 1985, I ordered a copy of the newly released book and when I finally opened it for the first time, I was stunned to find that it contained more than 50 detailed maps, many of which had at their center, the image of a sphere entirely like the
stone ball I had received so mysteriously at the edge of Hector Lake just a few months prior!

Earth Ascending Map 14: Holonomic Model of Knowledge

My Stone "Medicine Ball"

Empowered by the resonance between my stone ball and the images in the book, it nonetheless took me most of the winter of 1985-1986 to read Earth Ascending from cover to cover. Even before I was finished reading the book, however, I experienced an overwhelming urge to heed Arguelles' call to "sacred warriors of the heart" to unite with him to fulfill ancient prophecy by bringing forth a worldwide ceremony called Harmonic Convergence, the date for which was determined from the Mayan Sacred Calendar to be August 16, 1987. Arguelles promoted the ceremony as an auspicious date integral to the final closure of a five thousand year cycle of time set to occur on the winter solstice, December 21, 2012.

At sunrise on the morning of August 16, 1987,
Harmonic Convergence unfolded dramatically as a continuous wave of “Earth renewal rites” washing across the face of the planet. With representation from every race and from a vast array of spiritual and religious traditions, people performed peaceful ceremonies at sacred sites as diverse as Ayer’s Rock, Mt.Shasta, Jericho Beach, Stonehenge, Teotihuacan, Giza, and Macchu Pichu. United in a single act of spiritual intent and without government support of any kind, this relatively small group of self-empowered individuals created a compelling experience that seeded the mind of humanity with a new collective dream of peace and harmony throughout the planet: The Dream of Earth Community.

Harmonic Convergence, Mt. Yamnuska, Alberta. Photo by Cheryl Simmons
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Harmonic Convergence consolidated many of the Earth-centric values previously made manifest in a wide variety of globally orchestrated events. These included the annual Earth Day celebrations begun in 1970; The First Planetary Congress, June 1983; Live Aid, July 13, 1985; The Great Peace March, March-November, 1986; The Good-Will Games, Summer, 1986; and the World Healing Day/ Instant of Cooperation/Global Meditation, December 31, 1986. These events, and many more like them since, have had in common an expressed concern for the welfare of humanity-as-a-whole. Through a wide diversity of means, they manifested the very earliest expressions of what is now emerging as a global, civil society often referred to as Earth Community.

Extensive media coverage of
Harmonic Convergence alerted millions of people to the reality of this pan-cultural community. It substantiated for me, the feeling that its fundamentally unitive spirit was now present as a spiritual ally to humanity in the modern era. Consequently, for the thousands of us ignited to action by its compelling presence, life would never be quite the same. We had passed through a doorway of initiation into a brave new world of possibility. The Dream of Harmonic Convergence had been seeded into the collective imagination. For the moment, it was "mission accomplished," but the task of manifesting the Dream into concrete form remained.


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