Mask, clans, humor, theatre, disguise, reversal, artistry, amusement, disruption, spontaneity, Hanged Man (tarot), transparency, ethnic groups, entertainment, apprenticeship, tribal meetings.

Hello Dwayne!

Thanks for the lovely moon! .mmmmm... should I ask who was the model??

Sorry. Monkey got the better of me. I've got a couple of stories I'll

have to send you in regards to working with moon cycles and the Temple

of Chuen (Monkeys, Artists & Tricksters). For the last 6 - 8 months, I've been doing new moon

meditations to plant 'seeds' for the coming month. And they're getting

very intriguing to me. Perhaps you might find some value in the stories.

On the new moon for March, I had a vision of a very old, ancient native

woman sitting before a fire. I had flown across oceans to reach her in

the form of a gull. When I arrived, I stood before and said in response

to her unspoken question "I have come for my new moon seeds'. She

reached out and pulled my beating heart from my chest and held it in

her hand. With her other hand, she threw something on the flames and

the fire flared up to engulf the heart. It glowed with a golden light.

She held this heart out to me. And then she opened her other hand to me

as well. It appeared empty to me. I asked "What is this?" She replied "A

Song." I accepted the two 'seeds' and flew back across the oceans.....

About five days later, a dear and beloved friend and working companion

did something I could not believe. We were in a meeting and he slipped

out. He'd gone to ask our supervisor to pull me from the meeting and not

let me back in... he'd felt a moment of panic that I was going to say

too much and cause a large amount of work to be generated. This

supervisor has been causing difficulties for all of us... she's under

stress, is ill and is not dealing with anything in any kind of

integrity, truth or respect. My friend knows this better than most. I

couldn't believe he had done this! I was furious with him and for the

first time in my life, confronted him and spoke of my anger. As we

worked throught what had initiated the whole thing, he realized he'd

over-reacted terribly and agreed to let our supervisor know this. ...

the flame of anger that cleanes impurities, yes? But the month was not

done yet....

I'm in a relationship that is really wonderful and yet challenging. I'm

learning to speak what I feel and say what I need. I reached a crisis

point during this month as well. I finally in desparation called my

companion and told him how I was feeling... how I was willing to stay in

the arena but I cannot do this if I am alone there, that I need to know

he desires to be there too, that we are walking the same path. I was

astounded to discover he's been thinking along the same line as I was.