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I've long been an avid student of Mesoamerican cosmology and of its central and most sacred component, what the Maya called the sacred tzolkin calendar, or Book of Days. Because it is highly integrated and applicable across many disciplines at infinitely variable scale, I believe the tzolkin has much to offer the serious seeker.

According to basic tenets of the cyclic/holistic Mesoamerican worldview, human evolution progresses through successive 5,125 year stages called "Suns". Each Sun has its own theme and each ends, predictably, in some form of collapse, out of which a new Sun emerges. Seen through this cosmological lens, the current historical epoch is one such time of transition called by some, the Shift of the Ages. In this era, the Fifth Sun, the Sun of Movement, is gradually giving way to the Sixth Sun, the Sun of Consciousness, also called the Sun of Flowers.

A Shift of the Ages puts unprecedented emphasis on the importance of personal integrity and discernment. With that in mind, what I present in this newest addition to Mundo Dwayno is my recent discovery of a unique, astro-mythological synthesis that puts the tzolkin sacred calendar of Mesoamerica directly into the hands of those who feel the call to embark on an extended process of introspection regarding the whole of their life. Extending back to birth and informed by the mystical archetypes of the tzolkin, the Seasons of Uranus technique facilitates a practical overview of one's life history by placing one's life in a meaningful cosmic context. It also provides astrologically-timed spiritual guidance for life in a time of great transition.

As of December 21, 2012, and through the inner, alchemical work of individual people like you and me, what is known in Mesoamerica as the Fifth Sun, the Sun of Movement, is gradually giving way to the Sixth Sun, the Sun of Consciousness, also known as the Sun of Flowers. It is to those of you who are prepared to do the inner work necessary to bring the Sun of Flowers into manifestation that I freely offer the mystical time tool that is the Seasons of Uranus technique. May it aid you on your journey by broadening your understanding of who you are, and of what your authentic participation is, in the birth of a radiant new era of transcendent human consciousness and creativity on planet Earth.
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