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As a young man, seeing the very first photographs of Earth ever taken from outer space was a transformative experience for me. It set me on a course in life that has certainly been the proverbial "road less traveled." From that pivotal moment onward, I felt compelled to think globally in all aspects of my life and as I continued on my planetary quest, it became increasingly clear that others were having the same kind of awakening as I was. I consider myself fortunate to have learned much from the elders among them. Now, almost half a century later, my own time of eldership arrives and I feel called to do pass on whatever knowledge I can, to whoever is interested.

Over the last forty-five years, I have developed a contemplative approach to life that is informed by a vast array of interests but which owes much to two disciplines in particular: astrology and mythology. For the purpose of quickly relating its basic nature to others, I call this lifeway the "Lightning Path" because it has a mysterious connection to the orbit of planet Uranus, long considered by astrologers to be the primary planetary significator of sudden transformation and awakening.

Although its roots are sunk deep within the person-centered astrological tradition pioneered last century by Dane Rudhyar, the Lightning Path extends beyond traditional Western astrology to include the most sacred component of ancient Mesoamerican cosmology, what the Maya call the tzolkin or Book of Days. In gratitude to the many insights and revelations that have come to me through using these sacred tools, my central intent in creating the Lightning Path website is to now share them with you so that you might also access a multi-dimensional, mythological birthright that has been awaiting your attention since the moment you took your first breath. The Lightning Path website introduces you to that birthright and it also provides you with an opportunity to bring yourself into conscious alignment with other like-mindeds through the stage-by-stage tracking of an unfolding wave of consciousness that mysteriously began back in March of 1986. This emerging collective aspect of the Lightning Path is revealing itself through a previously undiscovered linkage between the tzolkin and the changing phases of the Moon.

Because what I share with you on the Lightning Path website is a previously unknown integration of Moon cycles and tzolkin, I have taken care to share with you the story of its discovery, both in the the hopes that you will better understand the pioneering nature of the quest and that you also may become inspired to explore for yourself, the mystery of its existence.

The Lightning Path fosters the emergence of a new, universal human. As a revolutionary spiritual practice grounded in some of the most ancient and enduring symbolic systems of humanity, it facilitates the expansion of human awareness beyond the confines of the Status Quo by supporting its practitioners as creative, self-empowered individuals, each with his or her own unique destiny.
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