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While the foundation of our light body corresponds to the vibratory infrastructure of the DNA, it can only be activated through a knowing use of symbols.
Jose Arguelles

Activation of the information made available through one's light body template is a contemplative process of long duration and from my own direct experience, I can affirm that it is a process vastly accelerated in times of stress. One way of benefiting from this fact is to correlate a stressful issue to a particular chakra and to then explore what information the template reveals with regard to this chakra. For example, an issue focused onour sexuality would prompt us to look specifically to the second chakra for guidance. What planets (if any) are located there, and what does the I Ching have to offer about the hexagram or hexagrams correlated to those planets? More specifically, what is said in reference to the second line or lines of those hexagrams? Additionally, what does the corresponding yoga path for that chakra suggest? Lastly, since chakras are traditionally paired as follows: 1-7, 2-6, 3-5 (the 4th chakra stands alone at the centre of these pairings), one would naturally explore the 2nd chakra/ 6th chakra correspondence as well.

Through this kind of intuitive and wide-ranging contemplative inquiry, we begin to access the layers of knowledge astrologically coded into the multi-level symbolism of the light body template. Assimilation of that knowledge is, to a large extent, dependent on how open we are to receiving it.

Alertness to synchronicities is a big factor in how successful any light body template enquiry will be. In the multi-dimensional field of knowledge that is the light body template, synchronicities inevitably provide significant clues to deeper understanding.

Light Body Activation Represents a Holonomic Integration of Multiple Symbolic Systems


To actively embrace the vast realm of synthesis constellated by one's light body template is to embark on a mysterious inner journey. I say this as one who has been studying his own light body template for over thirty years and who has experienced numerous synchronicities related to it. One of those synchronicities unexpectedly brought me into resonance with the spiritual legacy of one of the Founding Fathers of the USA: Benjamin Franklin.

It was in 1986 that I first encountered the following image attributed to Franklin and about which I have written


Portion of Ben Franklin's Descriptive Drawing Showing Aurora Borealis

Image source: Earth Ascending p.145

More recently, when I compared Franklin's birth chart to my own, I discovered that he and I share exactly the same zodiacal position of Mercury in our natal birth charts! This has been especially fascinating to me for reasons I explain below. (Feb. 2018 update: For what its worth, I have since discovered that Francis Bacon's Aquarian Sun is also conjunct this Mercury placement).


Chart comparison: Ben Franklin (inner wheel) Dwayne Rourke (outer wheel).

Astrologically speaking, Mercury represents one's mind, one's intellect and awareness, one's logic and reasoning, one's capacity to communicate and express one's thought processes. To have discovered such a precise astrological connection with Franklin as the exact conjunction of our Mercurys, indicates that we are of "like mind". Consequently, it seems to me that I am potentially well-suited to learn much from this renowned historical figure, especially since Mercury is also retrograde in our charts and we both have Pluto retrograde, in Leo. (Other conjoining factors are also present, but none are as definitive as these.)

Just knowing these few astrological facts regarding my relationship with Franklin has enhanced my receptivity to his diverse teachings and has greatly amplified my curiosity about his legacy. I share my excitement about this with you because this is the sort of discovery process you can expect to experience in your own light body activation process, especially if you are willing to follow threads of synchronicity as they appear.

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Ben Franklin
…………. ……. …… Dwayne Rourke


The fact that Ben Franklin and I share the exact same placement of Mercury in our natal astrological charts propelled me into a detailed investigation of those charts. This investigation revealed that within hexagram 6, Harmony Through Conflict, the precise placement of Mercury in my chart aligns with the 3rd line (chakra) while Ben's aligns with the 4th For me personally, this distinction is especially auspicious since, for line 3, The Astrology of I Ching counsels that: The wisdom needed by such persons should be sought from those of kingly character. By following their advice, good results can be expected.

For hundreds of years, people have benefited from the kingly wisdom dispensed by Ben Franklin. Intrigued by the natural resonance between us as revealed by our birth charts, I too am inspired to explore his legacy, much of which is freely accessible on the Internet where a simple search for "Benjamin Franklin" yields approximately 57,200,000 results!

Discovering and exploring the spiritual connection I have to Benjamin Franklin, as revealed through my own light body activation process, has been both unexpected and exciting. I've shared many of the results of that process with you as a way of encouraging you in your own activation process. It is a process that is thoroughly Uranian. So, expect the unexpected!