This Section of The Rattler is devoted to the Spences Bridge Waterworks as currently managed by the Thompson Nicola Regional District in partnership with Cooks Ferry Indian Band.

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From TNRD Presentation to SB Community, May 26, 2006

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January 20, 2019. Alerted by a local landowner to the existence of this 2018 report, I am posting this link to the online version of it for your information.

November 9, 2016. TNRD staff reports to the Spences Bridge community re increased water system costs. (1.5 hr)

August 24, 2015. Report from TNRD Director of Environmental Services dated September 15, 2009 re Contract Award, Spences Bridge Community Water System Contract “B” - TCH No.1 Bridge water Main here.

August 24, 2015. Minutes of the April 15, 2004 AGM of the Spences Bridge Water District available here. Residents voted for TNRD takover of water system at this meeting.

August 22, 2015. Historical document: TNRD answers questions about new water system from SB residents. Read document here.

August 18, 2015. TNRD Director of Finance advises against extension of deadline regarding SB Debt Commutation Process. Board of Directors Meeting Document here. Agenda here.

July 3, 2015. TNRD Utilities manager Arden Bolton weighs in on SB water system here.

May13, 2015. Historical Document: Notes on meeting held at Cook’s Ferry Indian Band Office on April 4, 2006 re SB Water System. Read PDF version of the document here.

APRIL 26, 2015 Historical Documents:
Statement as to the Sufficiency of a Petition July 11, 2009.

TNRD Public Notice April 7, 2009.

APRIL 24, 2015 Spences Bridge Waterworks Operating Fund Schedule of Revenue and Expenditures 2014.

Teresa 6.09.41 PM

APRIL 24, 2015 Spring 2014 Newsletter



APRIL 3, 2015 DOCUMENT: TNRD information document released prior to water system switchover from Murray Creek declares that




Dear Mr. Rice (TNRD Director Area "I"),

The management at the TNRD is not interested in holding a simple non binding survey to determine who would like Murray Creek irrigation water in Spences Bridge to irrigate private and business properties as well as providing back up water in case of a fire.

 As you well know, the current water system is under pressure due to improper engineering design parameters along with excessive temporary uses by corporations, illegal SBID watering and other factors such as leaks. If an electrical failure occurs and Railways or other factors cause a reduction in stored water in the reserve tank simultaneously, Spences Bridge could have a fire security risk. Just think of a senario  where a
Railway Corporation is sucking 30,000 gallons out of the water reserve  tank, then the power fails, and a massive railway sparked fire flares. I think you understand what can easily happen in this risk management scenario. The water may run dry while the town burns.

Logically, as I am sure you are aware, having an additional active irrigation system is far better for risk management fire protection in Spences Bridge than what is currently only available in terms of fire fighting infrastructure.  Additional water hydrants for fire fighting could be added to an irrigation water system to expand fire fighting coverage. Such a system may even save lives. This is something the SBID trustees and Fire Department should appreciate. If they don't there is something really wrong with their judgement.

Since the TNRD management is not concerned about the community as much as other people, I request that you Direct the TNRD to conduct an irrigation demand survey or you conduct it with your Director budget "tools". After conducting the survey and observing the results, I then would request that you hold a meeting to determine if there is a real appetite for the water and gain ideas as to how the water can be delivered and paid for. Pretty simple stuff for the most part as you can see.

I have been told by the TNRD that water meters are coming. People will pay up to $2/ cubic meter for water as per water utility rates found in the TNRD water by-law. Water meters are a Government welfare tax scheme that most people in town want to avoid like the plague. Irrigation water will hold back that plague potentially if you Direct such action if it is economically feasible.

The TNRD will not lose the water licences on Murray Creek  if it is Directed properly, by you,  in this matter. In fact, the TNRD will benefit greatly if the water flows for irrigation. If you want the TNRD and SBID to benefit, hold the survey and meeting. You will learn a lot as to how this is  win win situation will provide economical and political benefits. You can potentially Direct this situation to an economically smart solution that will benefit  people since the Management of the TNRD does not have enough concern about the matter or the community.

Show your political concern and service for Spences Bridge. Hold the irrigation survey and meeting. One other course of political action involving the media exists if you refuse. After that, the Spences Bridge Murray Creek economic comparative advantage may be lost for ever. This historical period,dating back to the 1870's will be ended along with lost economic opportunities associated with irrigation here. Rest assured, this could lead to political "fall out" and publicity that politicians may not want to face.  Do you want to be responsible for the loss of this historic economic comparative advantage that has brought this town jobs since the 1870's?

Show your political skills with a survey and meeting. Time is of the essence.

 As such a mailing operation can be launched very quickly,  interested people in this community expect your response to the survey undertaking this week. Contact me by email with a  response this week.

Thank you and I look forward to your email response and a constructive meeting with you and others over this issue so that we may all learn more.


James Kohut
Spences Bridge Land Owner


Here is a potential survey question:

Would you like irrigation water supplied from Murray Creek for irrigating your property and providing back up fire protection (or would you like a water meter instead)?
           Yes            No


Spences Bridge Water System Meeting, July 9, 2013.