Finding Our Way Into the Sun of Consciousness



The SEASONS OF URANUS Lunation Journal is offered up as a free contemplative tool specifically geared to those persons interested in working in a highly focused, journaling manner with their Seasons of Uranus birthright (as calculated here).

To start, simply print out, page by page, or all-at-once, the
free, multi-page journal. There are eight distinct sections to the journal, each describing a different step in the natural developmental process mapped by the lunation cycle.

According to the Seasons of Uranus technique, each lunation is afforded its own journal and journaling for that lunation is begun at New Moon. To formally engage in the journaling practice, first note at the outset what glyph and number from the Tzolkin correspond to your life path during the current Moon cycle. Then, begin exploration of these correspondences by assembling information related to them, as shown in the example located at the bottom of the
calculations article. The following links were used to locate the resources in that example. They are provided here for your use.

Number Keywords
Glyph Keywords
Glyph Images

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