Throughout all of human history, the globally pervasive language of resonant attunement to cosmic order known as astrology, has never ceased evolving. Our modern era is no exception. For example, since 1986, the Lightning Path has combined contemporary astrology with the ancient Mayan mythology of Mesoamerica in order to locate individual life paths within the matrix of sacred archetypal symbolism known as the Tzolkin. This is facilitated using the harmonious triune linkage of Sun, Moon and Earth existent at the moment of a person’s first breath and popularized by Dane Rudhyar as the lunation birthday, a birthday that repeats every lunation (29.5 days) for the duration of that person’s life.

The Tzolkin is a grid of 260 combinations of number and glyph. As contextualized by that grid, everyone’s lunation birthday aligns with the glyph/number combination
ONE IMIX (pronunciation: 'ee meesh), significator of the Great Mother and of her unconditional support. From this primordial starting point, the Tzolkin’s complex matrix of mythological support is available to that person on a lunation-by-lunation basis. Upon completion of 260 lunations, ONE IMIX comes again into focus and a new series of like duration begins.

Mysteriously, each series of 260 lunations corresponds exactly to the duration of one season on Uranus, whose complete orbit around the Sun takes 84 years. A change of Uranian season thus occurs every 21 years. Hence, at ages 21, 42, 63 and 84 a celebratory reconnection with the Great Mother is called for as ONE IMIX once again becomes cyclically highlighted in reference to one’s life path.

This novel linkage of lunation cycle, Tzolkin, and orbit of Uranus is only newly discovered and is thus widely unrecognized. Therefore, innovative, self-created rituals of attunement, especially those honouring seasons of Uranus transitions, are called for by persons drawn to this kind of astro-mythological engagement.

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