Finding Our Way Into the Sun of Consciousness


"Myth not only teaches and regulates, it heals and transforms. To enter into the mythical dimension is to enter into the time of primordial unity, a time when all things were and are in order. " Charles Ponce

The Lightning Path owes a great deal to the ancient lineage of Mesoamerican shamans who have kept alive a vital flame of spiritual awareness they call the Tzolkin. The Tzolkin (tzohl-KEEN, from tzol=count and kin=day, hence "count of days") is a 260 day calendar that constellates a powerful symbolic language consisting of 20 day signs combined with a number from 1 to 13. Its origins are mysterious but its application has been primarily as a divination template.

The Lightning Path utilizes the Tzolkin at an expanded scale apparently not foreseen by the Maya or by other Mesoamerican cultures using versions of the same calendar. While this use represents a departure into new psycho-cosmic territory, the essential meaning and purpose of the calendar remain the same: to expand and refine human awareness.

The Lightning Path
operates on the assumption that each of us can safely assimilate energy and information coming to Earth from deep within the galactic center through mythic engagement with the sacred calendar. Prerequisite to such participation is a knowledge of how our life fits into the overarching context provided by The Lightning Path. This is what is provided by The Book of Electrum, a compendium of Moon cycle data linking individual Moon cycles to the Tzolkin.

The Book of Electrum, is where a person can easily determine the alignment of their birth to the structure of the sacred calendar. This fundamental alignment is based in a determination of the New Moon prior to a person’s birth. By locating this astrological factor within the context of the Tzolkin matrix, a “person’s temple-of-birth" is determined and thus begins the revelation of the wealth of integrated symbolism that constitutes a spiritual birthright for that person.


"I am, indeed, a king, because
I know how to rule myself.
Pietro Aretino

As simple as it may appear on the surface, The Book of Electrum is, in fact, a complex, multi-level blueprint for peaceful, mythically inspired, and cosmically co-ordinated, group action grounded in some of the most ancient and universal knowledge systems known to man.

Your fundamental alignment to
The Lightning Path comes through determination of your temple-of-birth using The Book of Electrum. This is the first step toward discovering what the hidden promise of the Mayan Sacred Calendar has in store for you. It is a promise that only you can activate and bring into form in the world and doing so will undoubtedly challenge you deeply. You will find great assistance in this process by simply cultivating mindfulness within your day-to-day life and by creating your own rituals of attunement to your temple’s vital spiritual essence.

Such a mindful and ritualistic approach is a practical way of empowering your thoughts and actions with the intent of making contact with the non-ordinary realms of consciousness latent in the symbolism incorporated in the Tzolkin. In this way, you will forge a link between the physical world of the senses and the metaphysical world of the cosmic imagination. You will thus join a long line of spiritual ancestors who have contributed meaningfully to the mythic regeneration of our species.

Schematic of temple-of-birth.

As indicated earlier, 13 hieroglyphs and 13 numbers combine to form each temple-of-birth on The Lightning Path. However, it is the 7th hieroglyph in the series that characterizes the temple as a whole and this is where you can quickly begin the process of embodying the sacred knowledge awaiting you. The process goes like this: once you have determined what your temple is, simply image forth, in your 6th chakra, the hieroglyph denoting it. Then, allow your imagination to freely and spontaneously expand on whatever comes to you in the moment. If your intent is sincere, you will begin to receive directly, the sacred knowledge assigned to you as a cosmic birthright. Deepening of your experience can be facilitated by exploring the Invocation of Sovereignty for your temple, along with the list of associated keywords and mudras. A list of exemplars born in your temple can be found here and a few stories by people born in particular temples can be found here.

Ultimately, it will be useful for you to learn as much as you can about each of the
numbers and hieroglyphs comprising your temple. For this purpose I highly recommend reading The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spillsbury and Michael Bryner. The following books are also recommended.

The Aztec Wheel of Destiny by Bruce Scofield and Angela Cordova.
Earth Ascending and The Mayan Factor by Jose Arguelles.
Flight of the Feathered Serpent by Peter Balin.
Jaguar Wisdom by Kenneth.Johnson.
The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness by Carl Johan Calleman
Maya Calendar: Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Marduks and Stacia Alana-Leah
The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind by Barbara Hand Clow

In his book
Ritual: Power, Healing and Community, Malidoma Some’ teaches us about the value of invocation and ritual:

Such living is what ancient tribes have adopted for thousands of years. And its success can be seen in the fact that in it there is room for the entire person to exist. This means that the world of progress with its all-consuming tendencies is an essentialist that feeds on anything that lives, turning the human into an indentured servant fed with things material, yet starved for everything else. In this context, ritual is this return to the ancient with a plea for help directed to the worlds of the spirit.

Malidoma goes on to note that :

Our role in ritual is to be human. We take the initiative to spark a process, knowing that its success is not in our hands but in the hands of the kind of forces we invoke into our lives. So the force field we create within a ritual is something coming from the spirit, not something coming from us. We are only instruments in this interaction between dimensions, between realms.


The Book of Electrum can be accessed by clicking here or on the image below. The Book makes evident the steady-state timeline of The Lightning Path by correlating with the structure of the Tzolkin, every lunar year from 1895 to 2012 and beyond. Two dates are shown for each temple listing. Birthdays falling within these two dates align with the temple indicated.

Within The Book of Electrum, you can find more information about a particular temple by clicking on the hyperlink following its name. This will take you to an "Invocation of Sovereignty" at the bottom of which is a link to a list of associated keywords. Additional information is available under the heading "Activating Your Temple."

In addition to determining individual temples-of-birth, The Book of Electrum can also be used to explore past and future events with an eye to revealing the meaning of those events within the context of The Lightning Path. To begin the process, simply locate within The Book of Electrum, the lunar year, by date, within which an event occurs. This will automatically indicate what temple is associated with it. Simply click on the hyper-linked name of the temple to access further resources as is shown in the following two examples:

EXAMPLE ONE: March 3,1986

The whole sequence of Moon cycles comprising The Book of Electrum rests upon the timing of my initial revelation of the existence of The Lightning Path. It occurred on March 3,1986 and constituted my entry into The Temple of Fingers & Toes, first of the twenty temples on The Lightning Path.

The following invocation is the first of twenty I have wrote in an attempt to interpret the unique set of hieroglyph/number combinations associated with each temple. Also included here are related keywords and historical exemplar Charles Lindbergh, whose birth date aligns with this temple. These resources are meant to help augment your intuitive perception of the meaning of this, the first temple encountered on
The Lightning Path.


Acting "as if"
Spiritual tools
Ceremony of the Dance


On May 20–21, 1927, a date that aligns with the Temple of Thunder on The Lightning Path, Charles Lindbergh, then a 25-year old U.S. Air Mail pilot, emerged from virtual obscurity to almost instantaneous world fame as the result of completing a solo, non-stop flight from Roosevelt Field on Long Island, USA, to Le Bourget Field in Paris, France, in the single-seat, single-engine monoplane Spirit of St. Louis. Seventy five years later, on May 2, 2002, (Temple of the Breath of Spirit) his grandson, Erik Lindbergh, did the same thing. ( Erik's birth was in 1965 thus making it very likely that he, like his grandfather, was born in The Temple of Fingers & Toes. (Exact date of Erik's birth is unavailable).

EXAMPLE TWO: December 21, 2012

As a mythological map of consciousness astrologically oriented to galactic center, The Lightning Path stands revealed as a beacon of steady-state stability. Unlike the traditional Mayan calendar, which many claim will end on December 21, 2012, The Lightning Path blazes a brand new trail into galactic awareness. Consequently, it provides a mythological lens that can be used to examine the December 21, 2012 date for clues as to its nature and meaning.

Looking to
The Book of Electrum, we find that December 21, 2012 aligns with the Temple of the Empowered Human, the Invocation of Sovereignty and related keywords for which are provided below, and because this particular date was of special importance to so many people, I submit Martin Luther King Jr. as a possible historical exemplar of the kind of consciousness evoked by this temple, the invocation for which follows:


Open vessel
Mind as friend
Getting to the point

HISTORICAL EXEMPLAR : Martin Luther King Jr.