Jose' Arguelles Passes.

José Argüelles (L) and Dwayne Rourke (R). Nakoda Lodge, June 14, 1986.

World-renowned author, artist, educator, Aquarian exemplar and friend Jose' Arguelles died on March 23, 2011 after a brief illness.

I consider Jose' to be one of my foremost teachers in this life. I pay homage to his evanescent spirit and to the voluminous legacy of spiritual knowledge he brought forth for all to share.

Before he departed he said to his apprentice, “I have done all that I could on this planet. I am being called to assist in the closing of the cycle from the Other Side.” Among his final wishes was that the Foundation for the Law of Time, the vehicle for his work and vision, be continued.

According to The Lightning Path, itself a novel use of the Mayan sacred calendar inspired by Jose's book Earth Ascending, he was born in the Temple of the Breath of Spirit.

Jose', may your blessed spirit infuse warriors of the heart throughout the planet and may that spirit further empower us in our united quest for peace and harmony.


Dwayne Rourke
March 25, 2011.