Our intention in producing this website is to celebrate the rough-edged beauty and strength of sage country and the joys of living in harmony with one's Place. We share this creative journey in hopes that it encourages others who want to dig in, find their roots, and feed their souls.

Within these pages we will endeavour to share our wanderings along the rivers, over the hills and up the canyons. We share our photos and paintings and words. We share our days of gathering and growing food. We share our friends.

Following ancient footpaths, we are finding our way into a new indigenous reality. The path is not always smooth or easy to discern and it is impacted on all sides by influences from abroad. We address issues brought up by those influences and endeavour to communicate as clearly as possible what we see to be most important in dealing with them.

If you are inspired to contribute in any way to what we have begun here in cyberspace, pleases do not hesitate to
contact us. Along with this invitation comes the caveat that although we may post items submitted to us, we do not necessarily agree with all opinions expressed in those posts.


Dwayne Rourke & Teresa Wild